The flag is made of blue and azure blue tones and symbolizes the mutual attraction of men and the diversity of the gay community. 

Blue and azure blue tones for the gay flag were chosen due to the fact that these colors are used especially for the symbolic image of men and homosexual men.

The flag has seven horizontal stripes. The first three upper stripes are colored in azure shade from dark to light: azure blue, sky blue, light sky blue. The fourth stripe is white. The fifth stripe is gray light blue. The last sixth and seventh stripes are blue, from light to dark.

The goal of creating this flag was to increase the subjectivity of the gay community as a distinct part of the entire LGBT community and gays’ awareness of their own specific problems – such as gay phobia and misandry (gender stereotypes against men) in general, male divergence, demonization of gay men with allegations of child abuse, sadism and other unacceptable perversions, double standards regarding attitudes towards bisexual A number of countries where only male homosexuality is banned, a rigid framework for gentle tactile male friendship and a gendered “male box” in general.