Intersexuality or intersex collectively refers to very different clinical phenomena with different biological causes, such as deviations in sex chromosomes or genetically determined hormonal developmental disorders. 

Intersgenderity is attributed to the so-called sexual differentiation deviations(disorders of sex development: DSD). However, DSD also includes cases that do not stand out with an ambiguous genital at birth.In the literature, the frequency of an ambiguous genital at birth is estimated at about 1:4500 to 5500, others estimate the number of interspecies in Germany at about 0.2% of the population or   0.007% of newborns.

According to extrapolated entries, the more recent option of having the gender entry “diverse“, which has been possible since 22 December 2018, was used in about 150 cases (0.00019% of the population) by registry offices in Germany until May 2019, which is equivalent to an estimate of 150 intersthese newborns per year.The ICD-10-GM-2018 of the German Institute for Medical Documentation and Information (DIMDI) also mentions congenital malformations of the genital organs, in particular an indefinite sex and pseudohermaphroditismin Chapter XVII (Congenital Malformations, Deformities and Chromosomal Abnormalities).Affected people mostly reject the pathologizing medical term of the disorder and refer to themselves as intersex people,intersex, intersex people. Since 2015, the German Medical Association has also been talking about “variants/disorders of sex development” in order to avoid pathologization that discriminates from the point of view of those affected. The spelling inter*is also used, where the asterisk * stands for the mentioned and other possible self-designations.Sometimes there is also the term third gender,which is not accepted by everyone. In the English-speaking world, it can also be observed that interspectaposition people increasingly use the historical term“hermaphrodite”as a self-designation, especially in response to the imposed “disorder”, even creatively rhymed on “human rights”.The newsletter of the now de-existent ISNA was called Hermaphrodites with Attitude.