Latest Progress flag incl. Inter*

The organization Intersex Equality Rights UK has had Valentino Vecchietti design an addition to the so-called “Philly Flag”. As a reminder, the Philadelphia flag had extended the old or original rainbow design created by the US activist Gilbert Baker in the late 1970s with black and brown stripes in order to make Persons of Color (PoC) visible as a sign against racism and exclusion. This was later extended again by the laterally inserted triangle in the colors of the trans movement (white, pink, light blue).

And now the triangle moves even further into the middle to make room for a yellow triangle on the far left, with a purple circle.

About the symbolism of the Inter flag: It has a bright yellow background and a purple circle on it. The traditional “gender colours” blue and pink are deliberately avoided, as are the rainbow colours. The circle, in turn, is unbroken and undecured. “It symbolizes wholeness and completeness and our possibilities,” says Intersex Human Rights Australia.

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