Puppy Pride Flag

This Puppy Pride flag was created and made publicly available by ‘Pup Flip Grey’ on May 10, 2011, based on posts from more than 1000 members of Grungepup Jeff’s Puppy Pride Flag Design Facebook group. It is the official Puppy Pride flag of International Pochen.

The Puppy Pride Flag is very similar to the 7-stripe design by Jeff Hull (Grungepup Jeff), but like the first Puppy Pride flag with the centered red Doberman head, this design has all 9 black, blue and white stripes of the Leather Pride flag created by Tony DeBlase, a symbol for the leather community that includes those who opt for leather, Levi’s, SM, BD, Uniform, Cowboys, Rubber and other fetishes are of interest. 

Unlike previous flags, the white stripe in this design is 1.5 times wider than the other stripes to represent the width of the puppy community, and as in Grungepup’s design, the stripes are arranged on a 30-degree diagonal reminiscent of the boy flag designed by Keith P to indicate a new direction. Like Grungepup’s design, the blood-red bone in the middle is reminiscent of the puppy pride flag designed by Kirk. 

“Pup Flip Grey has published this design in the public domain so that it can be used and reproduced royalty-free for private or commercial use. Feel free to copy and use it.~ Pup Flip Grey (LeatherPup) May 10, 2011

Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Official_Puppy_Pride_Flag_Dog_Pride_Flag_of_International_Puppy.jpg